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In-sync collaboration for hybrid and distributed teams

Stay synchronised with important messages, files, meetings and conversations that would otherwise be lost in a sea of communication.

Lost in a sea of information, 72% of employees say they   ”cannot find the information they need within their company’s information systems”.

Research by Deloitte

We're all feeling the pain

"When I come in I used to check my emails. Now I wake up, open my phone to sort though a huge amount of conversation threads."

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"How do you stay in the loop when earlier topics have already been discussed on slack and are buried by the time you even wake up?"

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"An hour after a message is posted on Slack, it’s lost! And I have to trawl through channels and threads to find it. Not to mention the headache after a day, a week, a month!"

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Camvas helps teams do their best work

Camvas revolutionises work for teams who are not in the same timezone, aren't co-located, have been on vacation or are new to a team or project. By not having to constantly search and ask for key important things that were said and shared, teams who use Camvas save time by remaining synchronised.


Save key messages

Avoid endless searching through chat and communication channels: From within Slack, Email or Whatsapp, save those important messages, a-ha moments or decisions that got made, to Camvas.

Save content via your favourite tools

Camvas integrates with your favourite tools and allows you to capture important documents, URL’s, images from within Camvas. Build up a library of the key things that keep the team synchronised, either from within Camvas, or from within your favourite communication tools.

Automatically store video calls

Did you know that 43% of remote workers are being excluded from meetings or brainstorms? Camvas automatically records and stores your Google Meets or Zoom session to easily catch up.

Reference & Organise

The library: collection of key pieces of information

It’s one thing to bookmark things - it’s another to be able to find and reference them easily. 

The Library contains items saved by yourself and co-workers. It doesn't replace a Wiki or your favourite documents app but rather ensures key items don’t get lost in a sea of communication and is easily accessible by all team members. View the library in a visual, listed or chronological manner, depending on the context. Create boards and organise your content beautifully, neatly.

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Reduces noise: Only key, important information

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